Moto Works Denver offers affordable labor rates (20-30% lower than industry average) for most kinds of motorcycle service and repair jobs, ranging from replacement of tires, brakes, chains and sprockets, clutches, fluids, and suspension to carburetor rebuild, electrical troubleshooting, engine tuning, fluids replacement, safety checks and more.

We believe it is important to involve the customer in work and repair decisions and customers are welcome to spend time in the shop going over their bike with our mechanics.


Moto Works Denver would be delighted to take on restoration projects ranging from returning dormant motorcycles to riding condition to concourse level restorations. We have several examples of our work on location at our Denver shop. We have a network of regional experts in machining, polishing, painting and engine rebuilding to draw upon as well as national and international resources developed over years of restoration work.


Moto Works has a limited number of long-term storage spaces allocated for customers interested in pursuing extended projects or storing their motorcycles in the off season. Customers’ stored bikes will be maintained on battery tenders and be available for riding any time during working hours. Storage fees are very competitive with local storage rates at other storage facilities, but at MotoWorks you get the added benefits of onsite mechanics and easy access.